• Home of the chimpanzees studied for years by Jane Goodall
  • A Tanzania fisherman in the sun
  • An elephant walking slowly towards the sunset
  • One of the many varieties of small reptiles in Tanzania
  • Dug-out canoes used for going up and down river
  • On the beach near Dar Es Salaam
  • The busy streets of Nairobi
  • School Children between Kigoma and Ujiji
Universities in Africa

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Tanzania Information Point

Welcome to Tanzania Info Point (TIP), an organisation aiming at helping provide information on Africa. We offer trainings on development work and give information on your final destinations in many locations in Africa. Our trainings include economy and politics in Africa, intercultural communication for business and living in Africa.

We offer Kiswahili language and culture courses for people going to East Africa. TIP Translation Services translates documents, films and documentaries from Kiswahili to Dutch and English and vice versa. You can click here to see an example of our projects.

TIP consultancy  services offer a wide range of training and consultancy about development and developing countries including politics, economy, history, culture, education and business.

Are you thinking about investing in Tanzania, then TIP will give you the ins and outs of investing in Tanzania and help you contact with relevant authorities. Read further on TIP consultancy about investing in Tanzania.

TIP works together with educational institutions in several countries in Africa and in the Netherlands to foster academic cooperation through exchange programs, internships and placements as well as research. We provide information for companies who would like to invest or do business in Africa while helping individuals and companies realise their goals in Africa.

Please click here to read further on our services and trainings.

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TIP Consultancy

Tanzania Info Point offers consultancy services for companies, organisation and individuals wishing to go to Africa to live, study, work and/or doing business.


Whether you plan to go to East/Central Africa for a tour, work, study or living, a course in Kiswahili will help you in your stay. Kiswahili is the social language of major parts of these areas and is fast growing into a commercial and academic language.


Tanzania is the only country on the African continent with the largest concentration of a whole diversity of wild game, with spectacular scenic natural beauties.

Work in Africa

TIP works works with different institutions in the Netherlands and in (East) Africa. We work with charity organisations, and other local initiatives to help establish themselves in the development process.

You can order your copy of the Nederlands-Kiswahili Sociaal-Medisch zakboek now

Please send us an email to info@tanzaniainfopoint.com or pwabike@yahoo.com. You can send us your home address as well if you wish to receive the book by post. This option costs €2. Thank you in advance for odering the book.


View our network: Kasulu Foundation, Kabanga Hospital,  Language Centre of the Rijksuniversity Groningen


  • The Dutch-Kiswahili Cultural-Medical pocket book is out! You can order your copy (€17.50) through: pw@tanzaniainfopoint.com or pwabike@yahoo.com
  • New Kiswahili course  15 February 2015, Groningen
  • Next Kiswahili course: 15 September 2015 Groningen
  • Coming in februari 2015 Kiswahili course in Zwolle
  • Click here for full agenda